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Take collaboration to the next level

Ninjana has everything you need

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Workflows & Integrations
More agile through individual adaptations and process automation

Integrated Bots

Answering questions and support in task management by bots. 

Status Updates

Display automatically the current status of all projects and tasks. 

Workflow Support

Changes within projects and tasks perform a predefined action like a comment.

Custom Field Support

Changing a custom field executes an action depending on the selected entry.


Triggering an action by predefined buttons in tasks.


Individually expandable through suitable integrations.
Worklflows & Integrations
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Office 365
Increased productivity through combination of Asana and Office 365

User & Group Sync

Direct creation of an Asana user by creating an Office 365 account.  


Automatically upload attachments to SharePoint.

Deactivated User Sync

Direct deletion of an Asana user by deleting an Office 365 account. 

Power BI

Create advanced data evaluations and views with Power BI.
Office 365
Enhancements that make the team even more efficient
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Auto-Assign Sub-Tasks

Created subtasks are immediately assigned to the corresponding project. 



Independent number assignment for tasks depending on the creation date. 

Auto-Complete    Tasks / Sub-Tasks

Direct completion of subtasks by completing a task. 

Auto-Create    Sub-Tasks

Subtasks are created automatically by creating a task.  

Task / Custom 

Default Values

Predefined standard fields for descriptions and custom fields. 

Calculate Custom Fields Values

Automatic calculation of
current status based on start and target value. 

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Makes your Asana even safer

Group Permissions

Provide group based authorization for teams and projects. 


Identification of unwanted permissions to teams an projects.

Recycle Bin

Display of deleted tasks with indication of the person.


Backup of Asana data to european data centers.
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Engagement &
Change Management
Quick introduction and acceptance of Asana 


Analysis through clear dashboards, charts and overviews.

Team Mood

Measurement of team mood based on  comments. 


Increase the team motivation in a playful way, e.g. virtual awards.


Guide through tasks and performing follow up trainings by bots.
Engangement & Change Management
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